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Resource Center

We have heard your requests and we have taken action. Community Connection Point is bringing the Lending Library back online!

You are invited to be the first to become a member of the CCP Resource Center.  As a member of the Resource Center, you will receive the following enhanced services:

  • Access to check out a resource kit on a monthly basis (additional kits subject to a $5 rental fee)

  • $10 training coupon for your program

  • One children’s book per month delivered to the program

  • A literacy “Day of Play”: The Resource Specialist will read to the children in the classroom of the program’s choice and provide activities (art, math, science, etc.) that coincide with the book being read

  • Monthly newsletter with ideas, announcements, and activities for your program

Joining is simple!

To become a member, you need to read the Resource Center Membership Policy, complete a registration form and pay a membership fee. Your membership will be valid for 1 year from registration date.


Simply return your registration with a cash payment, money order or personal check payable to, Community Connection Point


A membership card will be mailed to you upon receipt of your registration. You will be contacted by the Resource Specialist prior to your first visit.

Not ready to become a member?  Still want to check out a resource kit? YOU STILL CAN! You can check out a kit for a small fee of $5 per kit. Please read our non-member policy.

For members and non-members: to see a list of the resource kits available and request the check out of a kit now, please use the buttons below:

If you have any questions, please contact US at 217-525-2805 or by e-mail at

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