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Community Child Care Connection can offer assistance in your childcare search by helping determine what you need to consider before you make a final selection and through government assistance and available tax credits. Read more about help paying for childcare through the Childcare Assistance Program or begin your search for childcare.

In Illinois, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is the agency that oversees the licensing procedure for childcare programs.  State standards are in place to help protect children from serious harm, such as fire, accidents, child abuse or outbreaks of infectious disease.  In order to be licensed, programs must meet minimal health, safety and staffing requirements.

Some families may find that a license-exempt program meets their needs and expectations for their child. Exempt programs may include in-home care, relative care, and childcare programs sponsored by educational institutions or churches.


Exempt programs must be registered with Community Child Care Connection in order to be referred by the organization and must adhere to the legal guidelines as set by DCFS.

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